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December 4, 2018

May 13, 2018

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Celebrate disconnecting

May 14, 2018

Did it ever occur to you that when you break up with someone they may be helping you out ?  Like just take a moment and think about it.  There is so much to consider when you get with someone.  You have to think if its long term or short term.

so let's talk long term:  You have to think about the family you will be apart of ,  you have to think about the partner you chose and if he/she adds to your life of subtract.  You have to know if that person meets your requirements while you're trying to meet theirs.  Knowing about past relationships help you learn the person but don't let that dictate the person for you.  There is a lot the goes with someone no longer wanting to be with you.  There is a selfish freedom that comes along with that.  Why be  mad if they gave you choice to be with someone else,  not be hindered to their ways, especially if it dims your light.  Like why be mad that someone says things like I want more or change who you are based on his/her own insecurity or unhappiness.  This is where you celebrate because above all things you were given choice.  Choice to internalize the pain or release it.  You were given choice to mend that relationship or be happy its over.  We often get irritated because we were robbed of the choices, but when they say hey it's not working out, or I need more.  Stare that in the face and say what am I getting that I want and if it doesn't matter then be okay with goodbye.  In this world many people no longer know love, but they understand the business of love.  Yeah, you see it.  No, it's not everybody but just take a look at known relationships and stand outside of you.  Some will identify and some will not.  When you go through the break-ups you go through the motions and often the question maybe why ?    Why can't we work it out?

Why did this happen?


Why are you doing this to me ?

Why couldn't you be honest ?

Why can't I be myself ?

Why, why, why ?

I can go several different ways but hey, it is what it is.  A person can't want more from you than they are willing to give.  Often you should ask yourself when you pursue a relationship, you should ask if that is someone you can grow with ?

Will this person love me for me ?

Will this person help me be better or make me feel complete.  In all of it you should feel secure in your relationship, loved, nurtured, partnership, elevation, happiness, etc....  When someone loves you that is one celebration but when you depart it should be another celebration, because it was a choice.  We all know the story that one mans' junk is another mans' treasure.  What one won't do another will, but be mindful who you give your power away to.  Our emotions will often lead us to make decisions we don't understand or decisions we are will to deal with.  In all of it, no one should dim your light, take you for granted, break you down, lmake you feel less than based on not getting what he/ she wants.  Partner ship is equal yet we have to take time to learn the love language of one another in order to better understand.   You can't expect to get someone's bes when you don't do well with their good.  you have to give someone something to work for, but if you strip those things away then you took that chance to not receive what you feel like you deserve.

So celebrate when someone hands you your heart back, because at least then they did not rob you of your choices.  They decided not to hold you down or hold you back from a love deserved.  Even if you don't understand gain the lesson in that and allow it to push you forward, especially since they won't hold you back. 

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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